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We offer rocks & mulch to clients located throughout the area.

Part of the landscaping process includes adding elements to cover the ground and protect the newly planted living elements. Deciding what type of ground cover to use can bring up some questions. The most common options include rocks & mulch, and each has its own list of pros and cons. Rocks are known as inorganic mulch, while traditional mulch typically refers to organic matter like tree bark or wood chips.

Rocks & Mulch in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

When comparing rocks & mulch, it’s helpful to note that organic material can help with hydration. Since this material helps to reduce evaporation while boosting the storage capacity of the soil below, plants tend to be more hydrated when their root systems have a layer of mulch over the top. You may also notice fewer weeds in beds with mulch, as well as a reduction in soil erosion and compaction. However, mulch does require replacement from time to time, as wind and other climate conditions can cause it to move away from your property. Too much mulch can also cause root decay.

Choosing inorganic mulch, like rocks, requires less ongoing maintenance. Weeds also have trouble germinating through rocks, and heavy stones can reduce the risk of soil erosion caused by wind.

At YM Landscape Inc., we offer rocks & mulch to clients located throughout the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area. Our technicians can talk to you about your options and make recommendations based on your outdoor space. We’ll also take care of placing the material in your yard. Reach out to schedule a consultation.