Garden Mulch, Winston-Salem, NC

There are plenty of reasons to add traditional garden mulch to your landscaping.

Garden Mulch in Winston-Salem, North CarolinaMany homeowners and business owners don’t realize that there are reasons to use garden mulch beyond just the aesthetics. Using garden mulch to cover the ground around your newly planted living landscaping elements is actually good for maintaining the hydration of your new plants, bushes, shrubs, and trees. It can reduce and slow the evaporation rate, increasing the storage capacity of the soil beneath the mulch, leading to better hydration of your desired landscaping elements. It can also reduce the growth of unwanted weeds and reduce soil compaction and erosion rates.

Traditional garden mulch can be made out of tree bark or wood chips. While this organic material does eventually get broken down and need to be replaced, it provides enough benefit to your living landscaping that it makes sense to invest in it as needed (generally once a year). It is also important to note that it is possible to have too much garden mulch, so caution and restraint must be used in spreading it.

At YM Landscape Inc., we can discuss your options for mulching and make recommendations based on your outdoor space, needs, and budget. We can also place the desired mulching materials for you at your residential or commercial property in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. There are plenty of reasons to add traditional garden mulch to your landscaping, and we are standing by to help with your mulch and all your landscaping and lawn care needs.

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